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Welcome to imhatimi.org


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Welcome to imhatimi.org
Our site was established in 2004 as an amateur free domain name. It was professionally established between months and was set up as a hacking site.
It has been active for about 16 years, although there have been interruptions.
It is a team that managed to be the most active and most prominent hacking team between 2005-2006.
It has acquired many members and most of them have been permanent.
It continues in the same way now.

At the end of the last 16 years, a philosophy has been formed in the imhatimi, the rules of this place are unlike the rules in any other forum, so there is no such thing as come here and swear at me, ban and punish. In this forum, members rarely come across a ban penalty, if you manage to get a ban, you know that you are garbage, information is at the forefront here, permission is shown as much as your knowledge and contribution. The only purpose of imhatimi.org is to maintain its existence in the world of informatics and regain its authority, for this we will all work like ants, we will improve ourselves when we find it and share it in the forum so that it will improve and complete itself, let us benefit more. For this reason, I invite everyone to be more serious, our new members have joined us, and some of our old members will continue our way here with a nice karma.
The rules are not written, everyone knows the rules.

Since 2005
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